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sustainability | acoustics | design

Welcome to the heart of Belgian craftsmanship in woven vinyl flooring. At ntgrate our DNA is the blueprint of our success.

Nestled in the heart of Europe (Belgium) we take immense pride in weaving the future of flooring based on our 3 core values : sustainability, acoustics and design.
We sustainably design and weave acoustic, design solutions. Discover our full story !

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  • sustainability

    At ntgrate, we want to actively contribute to a sustainable future. We are committed to recycling, caring for the environment, and reducing our carbon footprint.
    Our efforts are visible in everything we do. Through sustainable business, we aim for zero waste: recycle, reduce, REntgrate !

  • acoustics

    discover why our solutions are ready for heavy commercial use

  • design

    find out how we 'ntgrate' our sustainable mindset in everything we do

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