Ntgrate re use glueless installation


Sustainability is in our DNA.

At ntgrate, we want to actively contribute to a sustainable future. We are committed to recycling, caring for the environment, and reducing our carbon footprint.
Our efforts are visible in everything we do. Through sustainable business, we aim for zero waste: recycle, reduce, REntgrate !

As a young company we had the opportunity to integrate sustainability in every process of our business from the start on. This means sustainability is found in our products, in our production, in our innovative ideas and in our future!
Our solutions are durable, are produced sustainably, are recyclable and include recycled content. We lead by example from our BREEAM-certified headquarters in the heart of Flanders (Belgium) and we REntgrate! Fascinated? Discover more below.

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Our woven solutions are ready for heavy commercial use (class 33) in your hotel lobby, restaurant, shop, office, ... Discover why all our premium woven solutions earn such a high rating!

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At ntgrate we believe in a sustainable future. We opt exclusively for sustainable investments and weave our high-tech vinyl solutions in our BREEAM-certified headquarters in Kortrijk (BE).

responsible manufacturing

We reduce, recycle, re-use and REntgrate! New technologies allow us to be increasingly careful and economical with our used raw materials. We are committed to circular and state-of-theart sustainable solutions to produce ever more environmentally friendly products.

Reduce, recycle, re-use,...
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Let's REntgrate! What? Yes! Let's REntgrate. Let's give our flooring a second or maybe a third life with REntgrate. Our responsibility does not stop after our premium woven solutions leave our looms. We offer a take-back solution where our flooring is installed without glue. Better for you (asset protection) and better for the enviroment!

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As a quality label, the BREEAM certification system assesses the overall concept of a building. It uses 10 main categories in its assessment. Our offices and production areBREEAM certified!

Lead by example

Are you ready to explore a world where high-tech acoustics and cutting-edge design seamlessly intertwine to create remarkable products for heavy commercial use?

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