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David Bowie was lyrical about his rebellion. He encouraged people to go on a journey in their own

rebellious corner, and to come back with a rebellious look in their eyes an

be a rebel

Looking for something different?
Any colour, any shape. Be like a chameleon and pick your dream colour or rock your corporate colours by integrating them in your flooring.

Or go VERSATILE ! To give your floor extra flair, Belgian designer Gerd Couckhuyt created a collection with 5 unique shapes.

Ntgrate rebel versatile chameleon square

Tired of squares? Play with our Versatile shapes to create your own truly unique flooring. 6 shapes and over 100 colours to design with.

Ntgrate rebel colors

Create your own color with Rebel. We can create any color. Want a pink floor with red inserts? We are happy to help you make it happen!

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