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REduce, REcycle, REntgrate

Our beautiful woven flooring contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable. We have put a lot of effort in developing a sustainable product. But all to often recyclable flooring ends up on a landfill. Why? The flooring is contaminated with glue due to the chosen installation method. REntgrate is our eco-friendly solution for this problem. We feel our responsibility does not end after our product leaves our manufacturing. So join us in this circular flooring REvolution!

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REntgrate is a fully circular concept

The revolutionary REntgrate installation method guarantees easy reuse of your floor in a new location, without leaving any damage to the subfloor. A 100% circular solution with zero waste. Don’t waste our effort

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Which lowers your CO2 emission

With ntgrate you consciously choose a sustainably produced, recyclable high-end woven floor covering for your shop/office/lobby/... Suitable for intensive commercial (re)use.

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And increases cost effectivness

Ntgrate thinks about the total building concept and limiting the amount of waste through design flexibility and asset protection. With a glueless installation, the subfloor remains in new condition (no decontamination and associated costs) and your floor covering can be reused.

Let's close the loop

Let's go through the 7 steps of the ntgrate circular flooriing solutions. Following these steps you are able to give your flooring a second life through good maintenance and a gluesless installation. Or enjoy the design flexibility which REntgrate offers and change your office flooring layout by switching out colours or patterns.

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We produce high-quality and durable flooring suited for heavy commercial use.

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Woven in a new and modern state-of-the-art BREEAM certified facility in the heart of Flanders (BE).

Responsible manufacturing
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Our flooring is installed glueless with REntgrate tabs.

Glueless installation
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And offers unlimited and effortless design flexibility without creating extra waste.

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Periodic cleaning ensures that Your flooring can be re-used.

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Take back

Your floor is taken back, cleaned and ready for re-use in a new project!

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Let's work together to create a sustainable future.

A future with circular solutions where re-use is chosen over recycling.

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