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location:Zwevegem | Belgium

Optimal acoustics in line with playful branding
Bliksem Schrijfbureau moved into the Leanderhof in Zwevegem at the end of 2022. The managers made a conscious choice for the floor covering in their new office. The bright blue ntgrate vinyl tile fits the dynamic company perfectly not only in terms of colour, but also in terms of technical specifications: durable, local and low-maintenance. Although acoustic properties were the deciding factor. For business managers Stephanie Demasure and Anastasia Verleysen, ntgrate was not an unknown player in the sector. Through various copywriting assignments, the two companies had been in contact in the past. Yet it was the architect who suggested ntgrate's woven vinyl tile.

“Our architect was looking for a smart solution for good acoustics. The new building consists of a large open space with an industrial look, a high ceiling and visible technology. There is only 1 closed meeting room. Muting the sound is absolutely essential for a productive work environment,” Stephanie emphasises. Anyhow, silence is important in an office. With us, that certainly poses a challenge, since as copywriters, we do video calls simultaneously on a daily basis or we consult among ourselves on a particular project."


An acoustic eye-catcher

ntgrate's woven vinyl products are designed to reduce noise. Due to their acoustic qualities, the tiles not only absorb background noise, but also reduce reverberation and impact noise when you step on the floor.

This keeps acoustics under maximum control. Besides floor tiles, the construction team also opted for acoustic spray plaster on the ceiling. Both solutions complement each other nicely and make the new building a particularly pleasant place to work.


The ntgrate Experience Center

To choose their specific floor tile, Bliksem Schrijfbureau and the architect went to the ntgrate-experience centre in Evolis Park. Stephanie: "With the sales manager, we tried out different samples and patterns. Eventually, the Henri tile from the Fair collection caught our eye. With its distinct blue colour, it is quite a bold choice, but the tile fits our corporate image perfectly.

Placing the tiles in the showroom in the test area gave us a good idea of how they would look in real life. That won us over. The vinyl tiles are placed in an atypical pattern, giving a playful element to our interior. In addition, the color shade changes depending on the incidence of light, which makes this tile so interesting. You always get a different effect.”


Durable and easy to maintain

The construction of the new Bliksem office is designed to allow you to completely disassemble all the elements. This makes it easy to rearrange the building, with recovery of materials. The ntgrate floor tile fits perfectly into this circular philosophy. “The tiles are easy to remove. Not only useful if we want to do a makeover, but it also allows us to quickly replace a tile, if necessary,” confirms Anastasia. “The sustainable character of this solution was an extra asset for us. Moreover, with ntgrate we have a local supplier at our side, with local production. We also think that is important.”


Finally, the maintenance-friendly nature of the tile was appreciated by both managers. “The tile repels dirt and if you spill something, it is easy to wipe clean with a cloth. The fresh design in combination with the ease of maintenance and the sustainable character is the perfect match for Bliksem Writing Bureau.”

The office design is by Tom Boudeweel of Ruimtetuig. The ntgrate tiles were placed by Bjorn Vervaecke.

Let’s design an acoustical and sustainable future together.

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