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Greenfelt is our own innovative and ecological acoustic backing for our woven floor coverings. We developed this high-tech acoustic backing to offer the best and optimal sound experience to customers, clients, passers-by,... The ntgrate Greenfelt backing reduces echoes and reverberation whilst optimally muffling the sound of footsteps. Greenfelt also absorbs 15% of the sound and offers excellent impact noise and walking noise reduction.

Absorption 100

Sound absorption

Due to the textile structure of the ntgrate floor covering, a high acoustic absorption value of 0.15 (15%) is achieved. That is 300% more sound absorption than conventional flat vinyl flooring. A combination with ntgrate acoustic wall covering will further improve these values.

Impact noise reduction 100

Impact noise reduction

Impact sound is the sound you perceive in the underlying space. Ntgrate offers you its Greenfelt acoustic solution with an impact sound reduction of up to 22dB (standard 19dB). With a height of just 5.2 mm. The Soft (CORE) collection comes with an acoustic backing of 22 dB as standard and is part of the ntgrate Quick Ship range.

Our Soft 22dB collection
Walking sound 100

Walking sound reduction

Ntgrate pays special attention to the walking sound on Greenfelt flooring. An often underestimated and forgotten acoustic value with regard to floor coverings. Nothing more annoying than the sound of footsteps throughout a hotel, shop or office environment.

Our standard available Greenfelt range reaches a value of 67dB for walking noise. Not to be underestimated considering noise is a logarithmic value. Every 3dB means a halving of perceived noise, or doubling of comfort. This means that on our Greenfelt 22dB, 20 people produce the same sound as 1 person on a conventional flat vinyl floor covering.

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