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Good acoustics

Ntgrate is constantly looking for acoustic solutions and responds to aspect A (absorption) with its multipurpose solutions. A good acoustic space is determined not only by the floor covering but equally by the wall and ceiling solutions, furniture, lighting,.... As an integrated solution, ntgrate offers multiple productscontributing to good acoustics. We are a trendsetter in acoustic design solutions based on woven vinyl.


Managing reverb

Modern, sleek architecture may be 'in', but in terms of reverberation, it is often pernicious. Reverberation is a result of too little acoustic absorption. It is important to use enough absorbent materials in a room to complement hard materials such as glass and concrete. This allows you to limit the reverberation time in offices and meeting rooms to 0.8 seconds. A higher reverberation time affects a speaker's intelligibility. Discover how our Greenfelt acoustic backing improves the sound quality in your hotel, office, meeting room,...

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Sound insulation

Open plan offices offer little to no sound insulation. Sound can travel free throughout the office. These combined sounds create distractions and lower employee productivity easily up to 40 percent. Discover all the benefits of good acoustics.

Background noise

Background noise

The background noise - from ventilation, for example - should not be too loud, as it provokes irritations. On the other hand, too little noise also has a downside: if it is too quiet, you are more easily disturbed by others and lose some of your privacy. Discover how our acoustic solutions can help!


Our acoustic solutions

Discover our sustainable acoustic solutions, created to improve acoustics overall by absorbing sound, reducing impact noise and improving reverberation in offices, classrooms, hotels, airports, ...

Our acoustic solutions
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