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Our design secret

Ntgrate not only tracks trends but also creates them. Our designs are jacquard-woven, organic patterns inspired by natural elements. Straightforward, timeless, organic, natural or wild.

Ntgrate design square with border

Creative possibilities
Our equal distribution between warp and weft allows for an infinite number of creative possibilities. Equal distribution also ensures the same wear resistance in both directions, regardless of the walking pattern in a room.

Ntgrate design square with border 2

All the colour you need
This equal distribution allows ntgrate to weave colours that are warp- or weft-dominant. Combined with the pattern, we thus create and, in addition to the traditional, neutral colours, a large variety of full and rich colours. And we do this in the most sustainable way possible!

Ntgrate design square with border 3

Let's get inspired
Discover our 100 references all at once or follow our moodbooks where matching colors are put together.


voices of satisfaction

ntgrate can be found worldwide
Our maintenance-friendly solutions feel at home everywhere.
Thanks to the unique product advantages, the ecological and sustainable nature and the long life of our solutions, we are present in a variety of sectors worldwide.

We are proud of every project and are happy to see our designs integrated in projects from high-end clients such as Chanel, BMW, Airbus, Vodafone, McDonalds , ...

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